All-in-1 Premium Beard Oil | Grows, Nourishes, Softens Beard

  1. A premium and powerful blend of 11 natural oils.
  2. Contains Redensyl, a revolutionary Switzerland origin plant extract ingredient for beard growth.
  3. Provides proper nutrition and care to your beard.
  4. Makes your beard smoother, softer & shinier.
  5. Shea butter present in the oil helps smoothen your beard.
  6. Non-sticky beard oil that can be applied anytime in any season.
  7. Improves manageability of your beard.
  8. Suitable for men who already have a beard and also for those who want to grow a beard. Works for all the men out there.

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Tired of buying various beard oils for different purposes? How about a Premium Beard Oil that serves all the purposes at a time?

Gentle Beast's beard oil is specifically developed for those who want to:

  1. Grow their beard, remove empty patches, make their beard denser.
  2. Nourish their beard and keep it healthy.
  3. Make their beard soft, smooth, & shiny.
  4. Keep their beard manageable.
  5. Get rid of that rough, dry, and dead beard.

If you are at least one of the above, then Gentle Beast's beard oil is the solution you have been looking for all this time.

Just like your other body parts require nutrition to stay attractive and healthy, the same way your beard also demands some care and ignoring those demands for too long will make your beard look dead and unattractive which no man wants to happen at any cost.


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Benefits of Using All-in-1 Beard Oil

People usually ignore their beard nourishment routine. Result? Their beards become dead after some time but it's already too late when they realize what they have done.

Nourishment is not the only goal, we curated this All-in-1 beard oil for every man out there, for those who already have a beard and also for those who want to grow a beard.

Gentle Beast's premium beard oil is a BEAST in itself that contains 11 premium natural oils, Shea butter, and Redensyl (a revolutionary Switzerland based plant extract-based ingredient that has shown results as good as hair transplant).

This powerful combination helps in growing a manly beard, providing proper nutrition & nourishment to the beard, treating dandruff, making your beard manageable by removing that roughness and dryness, keeping beard frizz-free and soft.


  • Is it safe to use?

Absolutely, our beard oil is an FDA approved product and contain NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS.


  • How many times can I use it?

Use it as many times as you want since it's a natural product with no side effects. You may even use it twice a day.


  • Does it help in beard growth?

For sure! It contains 11 oils and plant extract-based Redensyl which is a revolutionary hair growth ingredient that has given positive results to so many people using it.


  • When can I start noticing the beard growth?

Please note one thing that it takes time and also depend on other factors like your genes, hair follicles, etc. so, don't expect it to show you results overnight. If you already have a beard and want to remove empty patches then you will notice results faster than those who have no beard at all.

Those who don't have any beard at all, please use it for at least 90 days regularly. 90 days may seem longer but growing beard on clean skin (that has no beard at all) is not easy, 90 days of routine and a manly beard for the rest of your life. NOT A BAD DEAL AT ALL!

You may even start seeing results earlier.


  • I already have a beard, can I use it?

There is a reason we call it ALL-IN-1. Any man, with a beard or without a beard, can use it without any issues. Grow | Nourish | Soften.


  • Will it make my beard soft?

Sure thing. It will make your beard soft and shinier also. To wash off the beard oil, we recommend using our Premium Beard Shampoo.


  • How to use it?

Take some beard oil into your hands, apply it properly to your beard and leave it. Make sure the beard oil reaches the roots of your beard because that's where the hair follicles are.


  •  How thick is the oil?

Our goal is to provide you results and satisfaction, not irritation. Gentle Beast's beard oil is a non-sticky beard oil that does not feel thick at all.


  • Have you used artificial fragrance in the oil?

NO! We kept it natural without harming it with the artificial fragrance. It's a natural yet pleasant fragrance.

 Why is it necessary to go for a premium and high-quality beard oil? Why do you need to be careful while choosing your beard oil?

Your body reflects the nutrition you take and your beard health, texture reflects the nutrition you give to your beard.

WHO CAN USE THIS PREMIUM AND BEST BEARD OIL? We have developed this beard oil for all the men out there who want a classy beard. Whether you have a beard or not, this is the solution for you.

Beard Oil Ingredients

Gentle Beast's beard oil is a super-powerful blend of 11 natural oils, Shea butter, and Redensyl, making it the most effective and safe beard oil out there.

We did deep research to find what men like us want for their beards and after looking at the results, we created this masterpiece.

Gentle Beast's beard oil contains:

  • Argan oil
  • Olive fruit oil
  • Sweet Almond oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Apricot oil
  • Shea butter
  • Bergamot fruit oil
  • Mandarin orange oil
  • Aloe Vera leaf oil
  • Rice bran oil
  • Amla oil
  • Redensyl

 How Does it helps in beard growth?

Apart from the natural oils like Sweet Almond oil, Aloe Vera oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, we used REDENSYL in our beard oil to increase its effectiveness and provide you proven results.

What is Redensyl? Redensyl is a plant extract-based natural ingredient, the origin of this ingredient is Switzerland. It is a revolutionary ingredient in the hair growing segment.

People who have regularly used Redensyl have seen visible improvement in hair growth.

With such revolutionary ingredients inside this beard oil, you are most likely to see visible results within 12 weeks of regular usage (some people might see results faster and some might see delayed results or fewer results since it depends on your genes and other factors also)

What are the other benefits of this beard oil?

Apart from helping you grow your beard and making it thicker, it will help your beard get the proper nourishment also and prevent beard hair fall.

It can be used by any man out there either to nourish the beard or to grow a beard, one oil for all.

It will:

Promote beard growth: As stated above, it's also a beard growth oil, this beard oil is one of the most powerful beard oils out there with ingredients that have shown proven results to so many people. The ingredients used in this oil make it the best beard oil for your precious beard.


Make the beard soft: No one likes that rough and dead beard, it will make your beard very soft and smooth. You will feel the difference for sure, thanks to the 11 oils and Shea butter. For best results, wash your beard with our Premium Beard Shampoo.


Proper nutrition: We have added all the ingredients that make a beard perfect. You will get the natural nourishment as we hate harmful chemicals.


Make the beard shiny: A shiny beard has its own class, it looks clean and soft and that's what the beard oil will do.


Increase manageability and help in styling: It's hard to manage and style the beard, especially when you are not gifted with the naturally straight beard, Gentle Beast's premium beard oil will help you manage and style your beard the way you want.


Make the beard frizz-free: Get rid of that roughness and frizz easily and remove that dryness.


Keep the bacteria and fungus away: It's necessary to keep your beard away from bacteria and dandruff, let our beard oil do its job.

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