Premium Beard Shampoo | Soft & Shiny Beard | Beard Wash by Gentle Beast

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Premium Beard Shampoo | Soft & Shiny Beard | Beard Wash by Gentle Beast

Product description

According to a study a man's beard has more bacteria than a dog's fur! WHY? Simply because those men don't clean their beards. Just like your head hair, your beard also demands cleaning and that too with a quality product so that it not only cleanses the beard but also nourishes & protects it.

Gentle Beast's beard wash is a premium range beard product curated especially for your precious beard.


gentle beast beard shampoo benefits


Cleaning your beard is not the only goal of this beard shampoo, there's much more a beard need, some other benefits of this beard wash includes:

  • A significant increase in manageability by getting rid of that dry and rough beard.
  • It will make your beard smoother and softer, no one likes dead and harsh beard. To increase the softness and shine in your beard, make sure you use it with our Premium All-in-1 beard oil.
  • Provides a thorough cleansing and removes the dirt particles and impurities.
  • Helps in tackling those unwanted and unattractive beard curls.
  • Lavender oil present in the beard shampoo will provide you a soothing and relaxed mood. Lavender's fragrance has been proven to lower down stress level, that's why it is widely used in Aromatherapy.
  • It will make your beard look alive and full while providing that bounce in the beard.

 A clean beard increases your attractiveness a hundred folds.


We understand there are a bunch of questions popping up in your mind and we are more than happy to answer all of them for you. Here we have answered some of the most important, common, and logical questions, if you think you have some other question, then remember one thing: WE ARE JUST AN EMAIL AWAY!


  • Is it safe from harmful chemicals?
YES! All our products are safe from harmful chemicals like SLS and Paraben. We too hate such stuff.
  • Will it make my beard soft?
For sure, after all, that's one of the major reasons why men use beard shampoo. You will get a softer, smoother and shinier beard than before.
  • Who can use this beard shampoo?
Anyone sporting a beard or mustache can use it, it's for everyone with facial hair.
  • Can I use it daily?
You may use it whenever you feel there is a need to clean your beard.
  • Is there any way to increase its effectiveness?
Sure! Apply our Premium All-in-1 beard oil before you wash your beard with the shampoo, you will notice some extra smoothness and shine in your beard if you follow this advice. Make you sure leave the beard oil applied for at least 15 minutes, the more the better.
  • Are there any harmful effects of this beard shampoo?
NO! There are no side effects of this beard shampoo since we have eliminated the harmful chemicals from our formula and infused it with natural ingredients.

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