About Us

We're glad that you want to know more about us. It inspires us to know that people want to know what Gentle Beast is all about, what Gentle Beast is doing and we really care about what you think.

If we ever want to have a synonym for us, then we would prefer the word "QUALITY".

What is Gentle Beast?

It's a vision. For those who have been with us for some time now know that Gentle Beast's sole purpose is to deliver quality results to its customers.

We are not limited to any particular sector and we don't want that to happen ever. If we talk about health & personal care, then it has to be from inside and outside.

That's exactly Gentle Beast does, it helps you take care of yourself from inside and outside.

We have always believe in the famous mantra : Quality > Quantity and that's the reason Gentle Beast's catalogue is so limited. It would have been easier for us to create hundreds of products with no R&D and expand exponentially but we took the other road and focused more on R&D.

Whether it's a product that you apply on yourself or a product you consume, rest assured that it has undergone a lot of testing, R&D and real world testing along with the lab tests as well.


Stay Safe | Stay Healthy | Stay Happy

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