Hair Fall Defense Kit - Hair Fall Control Shampoo & Hair Growth Serum | Hair Protector Combo

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Hair Fall Defense Kit - Hair Fall Control Shampoo & Hair Growth Serum | Hair Protector Combo

Here's an Unbiased Review:

Love unbiased opinions? Here's someone's review who tried it on himself for more than a month.

Good-Bye Hair Fall (FOREVER)

Hair-fall is making you worried and you are not able to control it, right?
And how must have already all sorts of hair fall treatment, from home remedies to other products but nothing worked, correct?

Gentle Beast understands this problems of hair-fall, we saw a lot of people suffering from severe hair fall (some Gentle Beast team members as well) and decided to make a solution that would actually work. RESULT?
Birth of Gentle Beast's Hair Fall Defense kit, you may call it your complete hair fall treatment kit because this is what your have been asking for till now.

  • Ayurved + Modern Science

    Both the products in our hair fall treatment kit contains ingredients that are proven to control hair fall - theoretically and practically.

  • All Hair Types

    This kit works for every hair type, be it dry hair or oily hair. It has been tried and tested by people with different hair style and texture..

  • Tried & Tested Formulation

    This shampoo formulation like any other Gentle Beast product has been tried & tested by real humans having hair fall issues, from mild to severe.

Who should use this hair fall control kit?

This is a hair fall solution that contains a hair fall control shampoo and a hair growth serum but who should use this?

Anyone who is suffering from hair loss and not able to control and anyone who wishes to stop the hair fall and grow back hair on their head can use this.

This hair fall treatment kit is dermatologically tested kit and it has also been tested by people having severe hair fall issues. Not only in the lab, it has been tested in the real world as well.

  • Controlling hair fall, daily care, making hair stronger, hair growth, improving hair density, volume & texture.

  • NO! Free from SLS & Parabens.

  • Unisex. Can be used by men and women both.

  • There is a QR code on the box lid, scan that to download instructions.

  • Yes. Only tested in labs and by humans.

  • Quality and the potential to bring REAL results


    There is QR code printed on the box of each product, scan that to download to instructions.
    No. We don't prefer those ingredients.
    ABSOLUTELY! You can continue using it as your regular shampoo and serum even when your hair-fall has stopped. It will further protect your hair and make them better.


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