Multi-Flavored 100% Whey Protein Isolate | 3-in-1 Flavors | Gluten & Hormone Free Whey - 2Kg (28.5g Protein)

  • 100% whey protein isolate
  • Ultra-filtered whey protein - undenatured
  • World's first multi-flavored protein : enjoy 3 flavors in 1 single pack.
  • 3rd party independent authorities tested.
  • Derived from hormone-free cows. Grass fed whey. Gluten free.
  • Highest possible quality with a pinch of innovation created in India.
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"Groundbreaking development, Gentle Beast proudly presents its latest innovation" - Dailyhunt

"Protein Revolution with Groundbreaking Multi-Flavored Whey" - Business Standard

"Gentle Beast Introduces World’s First Multi-Flavored Whey Protein Isolate" - HE

World's First Multi-Flavored Whey

Till today you could only consume either raw or get 1 flavor for an entire month BUT not anymore. Now you can choose your flavor as per your wish or go unflavored if you wish to.

  • Forget Sugar Content

    Our unflavored whey protein isolate hardly contains any sugar and even our flavor sachets contains 0.096 grams of sugar per sachet which is negligible but tastes awesome.

  • Improve Your Performance

    Why limit your performance and diet just because of low quality protein. Whey protein isolate in the purest possible form. European standard.

  • Easy Digestion

    A protein that feels like water. There's no point is not being able to consume real food just because of a protein. Digest it easy and take your diet properly.

100% Whey Protein Isolate

Enjoy high quality, derived from hormone-free cows 100% whey protein with a twist of innovation. Enjoy 3 flavors in 1 single pack without compromising with the protein content and still consuming low sugar.

  • 2 Kg (4.4lbs) & 1Kg

  • 100% Whey Isolate

  • Yes, Protein doesn't discriminate

  • Absolutely

  • Yes. Independent Lab.

  • 28.5gms Protein with 5.9gms BCAA in 32 gms scoop

  • 62 scoops (32gm) in 2kg & 31 scoops (32gm) in 1kg


  • Our every batch of whey protein goes through lab testing 3 times. 1st test is done at the European lab, second test is done at our in-house lab and 3rd test is done by a third party to ensure purity & safety.
  • We are the only Indian brand using pharma grade flavours for Nutraceuticals.
  • This is one of our specialties, our whey protein isolate is a super-fast digesting protein. People who used to face gas/acidity issues and people with fatty liver also faced 0 problems with Gentle beast's whey protein.
  • It will take us only 5 minutes to lower the quality and reduce the price but we have a simple rule : If it is not fit enough for our own families, then it is not fit enough for you. Period. If you look at the quality & innovation, then we have kept it at very low prices for now.

Enjoy the Multi-Flavored Innovation

No Compromise with Protein

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