Gentle Beast Hair Fall Control Shampoo - 3 Days Miracle

  • Controls hair-fall effectively
  • Makes hair stronger and shinier
  • Enriched with powerful ingredients like Biotin, Keratin, Wheat Protein, Fenugreek extract, D-Panthenol, Dead Sea Minerals, Niacinamide.
  • Contains 27 secret natural herbs for better performance and results
  • Reduces hair-fall up to 50% in JUST 3 DAYS.

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Right now, your biggest enemy is probably your hair fall, isn't it? Let us guess, you have tried numerous solutions, from Serums to so called "Natural Shampoos" and some home remedies as well BUT nothing worked, RIGHT?

We know why your hair fall has not stopped yet. It's because you are not providing the thing your hair actually needs to become strong and reduce hair fall and this will never stop until you use something that actually works.

gentle beast hair fall control shampoo 3 days miracle

Gentle Beast understands this problems of hair-fall, we saw a lot of people suffering from severe hair fall (some Gentle Beast team members as well) and decided to make a solution that would actually work. RESULT? We provided this Anti Hair-fall shampoo to those people and to those Gentle Beast team members as well and got one common feedback - "Our hair fall has reduced within the first week itself" (usually within first 3 days).

Gentle Beast Hair-Fall Control Shampoo has been curated specifically to control hair fall and prevent you from going bald. This shampoo is backed by science and contains the power of natural ingredients that can help you get strong, clean, and attractive hair.

The result is not just because of the ingredients we have used but because of the correct formulation that has been developed using these POWERFUL ingredients.

why gentle beast anti hair fall shampoo

Now, the question is : Why should you try this shampoo when there are SO many shampoos available in the market? Right?

We have personally tested this product on people who had severe hair-fall and got terrific results. Apart from being tested in the laboratory, this has been tested on REAL HUMANS who were suffering from hair-fall for a long time.

Most of the users we tested this product on saw a reduction in hair-fall BY UP TO 50% in the FIRST 3 DAYS of continuous usage only.

gentle beast 3 days miracle shampoo

Ingredients matters the most in any personal care products. To make this shampoo work like a charm, we have used proven and powerful ingredients and created a formulation that can actually bring results. It contains the following ingredients:

 1. Biotin 2. Keratin
3. Wheat Protein 4. D-Panthenol
5. Argan Oil 6. Jojoba Oil
7. Niacinamide 8. Hydrolyzed Keratin
9. Dead Sea Minerals 10. Soyabean Seed Oil
11. Fenugreek Extract 12. Zinc Oxide


how to use gentle beast hair fall control shampoo

It's really important that you use it the right way in order to get the best possible results out of it. Please follow these steps carefully:

gentle beast anti hair fall shampoo usage infographic



faq gentle beast hairfall control shampoo

  • Can women use it?

ABSOLUTELY! This can work for men and women both. Go ahead without any doubts.


  • When to use it?

Use it for 3 consecutive days for the first time and after that you may use it on alternative days. Massage gently for 3-5 minutes and leave it for another 3-5 minutes for better results.


  • Is it necessary to wash hair with this shampoo for 3 consecutive days for the first time?

If you want better results, then YES.


  • Does it contain ingredients like SLS, SLES, or Parabens?

NO. We don't use such ingredients. Our goal is to formulate safe and effective products.


  • I have a really severe and alarming hair-fall. Will it help?

That's what this shampoo has been designed for. Just be patient and use it as prescribed and you will most certainly see noticeable results.


  • Can I use it as my regular shampoo?

ABSOLUTELY! You can continue using it as your regular shampoo even when your hair-fall has stopped. It will further protect your hair.

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