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We're glad that you want to know more about us. It inspires us to know that people want to know what Gentle Beast is all about, what Gentle Beast is doing and we really care about what you think.

Being a man is not easy these days. The load of expectations and responsibilities on every man's shoulder is heavy enough to bury us down deep inside the ground but we still stand tall, we still refuse to give up and that's our confidence & attitude keeping us alive.

 We want all the men to retain that confidence and attitude.

We are the BEASTS but GENTLE at the same time, that's what make us REAL MEN.

What is Gentle Beast?

It's a vision. We aim to create and provide the premium grooming and daily care products to all the men out there at non-premium prices.

Be it taking care of your face, your beard, your body or your hair, our aim is to create products that actually brings out the best results and deliver the promise we make.

Our founder after trying numerous grooming products available in the market on his beard/face/body found out that there is nothing that can actually meet the needs of a man. He literally tried most of the products on himself without thinking that it might ruin his body. Why? Just because he wanted to create something that provides values to all the men out there.

You would be surprised to know that the initial product line launched by Gentle Beast was first tried and tested by the founder himself on his body/face/beard to see if it is actually good enough for you or not.

That's the level of obsession we have for you and that's the highest level of transparency we can show to our customers.

As long as you are using Gentle Beast's products, you too are a BEAST but GENTLE.

Join us in our journey of showing the world what a real man is.

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