Gentle Beast Hair Growth Serum - Advanced Hair Protector | Protect Yourself from Going Bald

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Gentle Beast Hair Growth Serum - Advanced Hair Protector | Protect Yourself from Going Bald

Gentle Beast Hair Growth Serum - Advanced Hair Protector | Protect Yourself from Going Bald

Regular price Rs. 699.00
Sale price Rs. 699.00 Regular price Rs. 899.00
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Time to Grow Hair

Do these issues sound familiar to you:

  • * Thin hair, low hair density and volume
  • * Receding hairline, going bald from front
  • * Going bald from the crown area (top of head)
  • * Too much hair-fall
  • * Shattering self-confidence because of hair loss

If any of these problems sound familiar to you, then let us introduce you to Gentle Beast's revolutionary Hair Growth Serum.

Whether you are at a stage where your hair have just started to fall or you have already lost a lot of your hair, this serum is for you.

Formulated using the highest quality possible ingredients and actually backed by the Hair-Growth science, this serum can actually do wonders for people like you.
  • Ayurveda + Modern Science Power

    A powerful formulation backed by Ayurveda + Modern science to deliver the best possible results.

  • All Hair Types

    It works for all hair types. Whether you have dry, oily, straight or curly, it is suitable for various hair types.

  • Tried & Tested Formulation

    Tried & tested in the practical world by our volunteers facing hair loss abd balding problems. Tested by real humans.

Is it Better than Minoxidil?

Not just better, it is far more superior.
If you are suffering from hair loss and want to regrow you hair, then you must have come across a term called "Minoxidil".

A lot of people use Minoxidil but end up being disappointed. WHY?

Because Minoxidil is not even a proper solution, it is a temporary solution that has low chances of showing results.

Even if you get results, your hair will start falling again once you stop using Minoxidil.

BUT this Gentle Beast Hair Growth Serum (Hair Protector) is a permanent solution, once you grow back your hair, they won't fall out that easily even if you stop using it (don't stop using it abruptly).

Here are the results of this formulation:

Why this hair growth serum?

This serum has been tested on people suffering from hair loss and has shown positive results on the people this serum has been tried on. Just scroll up a bit, you will see the proof.
It is tried and tested solution that is now available for YOU!

  • Yes!

  • Unisex, can be used by men and women both.

  • Non-sticky, watery serum.

  • Daily, should be applied daily.

  • Yes!

  • Yes, it helps.

  • No. SLS & Paraben free.

What People Are Saying

Damn Good Results!

"I have been using this serum for more than 1 year now and I don't even want to stop using it for the fact that it is making my hair better every day and my hair volume is getting better."

Karan, Karnal

Visible hair growth in 29 weeks

"I just loved the fact that it has shown results in just 29 weeks. To be honest I got impatient right afte 1st month but kept using it because I had no other options and I am glad that I did, this thing is amazing."

Faiz, Hyderabad

Love company's honesty

"I loved the company's honest when they said that I can stop using it slowly and gradually after I got my results. Still using it and added more products to my collection because of Gentle Beast's honesty."

Aniket, Kanpur

My Crown King is Back

"I was getting bald from the crown (top) area and it was my biggest reason for stress. The bald patch is getting covered with hair now and I am truly hopeful that it will be full in another 3-4 months."

Prateek, Goa

How tf Did you Do this?

"More than happy I am surprised that how you did it. I have used more than 9 serums and remedies in the past but nothing worked and this one worked like a charm for me."

Jashan, Chandigarh

I will kill the founder of Gentle Beast

"If you ever try to discontinue this serum, then I am gonna kill you (just kidding). Your serum is working for me and I want to keep using it. Please keep pushing more products. I am also taking some other brand Vitamin D supplememt because of Vit. D deficiency. Please launch your nutraceuticals as well, I have faith in you now."

Aditya, Bengaluru


    It contains powerful ingredients like Biotin, Redensyl, Allium CEPA (Onion), D-Panthenol, Silk Protein, Aminexil, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Dead Sea Minerals, Vitamin E, T-Growth Complex, Korean Ginseng, Ginger Extract, Calendula Extract, Vitamin B-3, Aloe Vera Powder, Pea Protein, Green Tea Extract, Emblica Extract, Guava Leaf Extract.
    Yes. Please take care of other factors as well since hair growth depends on various factors like your diet, your lifestyle, medical conditions etc. Major point - Get your Vitamin D levels checked, if you need it, then you may intake any good Vitamin D supplement once a week to take care of your Vitamin D deficiency.
    It totally varies from person to person,. The minimum period we recommend for everyone is 16-20 weeks. It can take more than that as well depending upon all the other factors. Some people start seeing results after 12 weeks of daily usage only.


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