Activated Charcoal Face Wash | Premium Series for Men and Women

  • Provides instant glow and moisturizes your skin.
  • Perfect for all skin types.
  • Prevents acne, blackheads and heals blemishes.
  • Removes tanning & protects skin against environmental pollutants.
  • Controls oil secretion, relieves dry skin and reduces itching.
  • Removes bacteria and toxins from the skin.

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Gentle Beast's premium activated charcoal face wash is an organic face wash and a solution to many of your face care problems. Environmental pollutants, bad nutrition, and stress have affected your skin in a really bad manner and now it's time to fix it.

The NATURAL face care you have been looking for. The best thing about using natural products on your skin is that it doesn't damage your skin and provides long-lasting and more visible results.

Gentle Beast's charcoal face wash for men is enriched with the natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Neem, Green Tea, Cucumber, and Activated charcoal, this formulation provides all-rounder results which eventually help you take overall care of your face.


gentle beast charcoal face wash

gentle beast best face wash for men



  • Is it suitable for oily skin?

YES! It is suitable as it controls oil secretion and provides oil-free skin. As per our customers's reviews, it is the best face wash for oily skin.


  • It is suitable for natural/dry skin?

YES! We have developed this face wash for every type of skin. It relieves dry skin and reduces itching also. It's not just a face wash for dry skin and oily skin, people with combination skin can also use it.


  • Is it usable in all the season?

Without a doubt, YES! It is suitable for all seasons.


  • Does it remove tanning?

It contains cucumber which is a natural remedy to remove tanning.


  • Can I use it daily?

YES! It is a natural face wash, you can also use it multiple times a day.


  • Does it provide skin glow?

You will notice the skin glow instantly. Thanks to the high- quality activated charcoal that draws bacteria & toxins from the skin and removes all the dirt from the skin pores. It makes your skin cleaner and glowing.


  • Does it prevent acne?

YES! It helps prevent acne, provides faster healing of blemishes, prevents blackheads and reduces puffing around eyes also.


  • Can women use it?

ABSOLUTELY! It's a unisex product, you can use it without any doubt, doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman. We have created it for all skin types and every gender.


  • Is it SLS and Paraben free Face Wash?

ABSOLUTELY! We have neither used SLS nor Parabens in Gentle Beast face wash to keep it safe for your skin. Not just this product, you will not find these ingredients in any of our products.


  • Is it really the Best Face Wash for Men?

Every company says that their product is the best but we say it because our customers (family) have said it. We received emails from our users who claimed that this is the best face wash for men (natural face wash) they have ever used. BUT WAIT! Not only men, even women who used our face wash have said it.


how to use charcoal face wash



We have developed this face wash keeping you in mind. It consists of some major natural ingredients that are responsible for it being so effective.

Created using:


  • Aloe Vera extract: For acne sufferers, it is an ingredient that will promote faster healing of blemishes because the Aloe Vera extract contains polysaccharides.
  • Green tea extract: The primary benefit of green tea is that it's as an anti-oxidant and it is one of the most powerful anti-oxidant that helps in protecting your skin against environmental pollutants.
  • Neem extract: Stimulates collagen, relieves dry skin, reduces itching, prevents black heads.
  • Cucumber: It provides a great moisturizing effect, it helps in reducing puffing around the eyes, it has Ascorbic acid that helps soothe the skin, it helps to rejuvenate the skin and remove skin tanning.
  • Charcoal: It helps in removing the dirt from pores and give your skin a thorough cleansing, it also controls the oil secretion in your skin, it is perfect for skin prone to blackheads and acne, activated charcoal draws bacteria, toxins, dirt and oil from the skin.

All these ingredients provide unmatched and long-lasting results to our users. Use the best face wash for men and women (it's a unisex product) and feel the difference.

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